Welcome to our online payment portal.

Welcome to Our Online Payment Portal - Please Verify Your Account

Exciting News!

You may have received a statement and noticed some changes. Dignity Health is excited to announce the roll out of our new patient friendly account portal. If you have received a statement containing a “myEasyMatch” code under “Ways To Pay”, please visit our new site https://dignityhealth.mysecurebill.com.You will be able to make a One Time Payment or Register your account on the new site.

We appreciate your willingness to join us as we aim to better serve the community in providing unparalleled health care and outstanding customer service. For any questions or comments please refer to the toll-free customer service number on your statement.

If you are having problems logging in, please feel free to give us a call during business hours at  at (844) 405-8989 for Hospital related accounts or 866) 320-3727 for Physician related accounts.

Please include the Alpha prefix with your WID number.

Woodland Clinic Patients, please click here to view or make a payment on your account.